Your Generosity Helps People Thrive After Brain Injury, Concussion or Stroke image

Your Generosity Helps People Thrive After Brain Injury, Concussion or Stroke

Your support of Schurig Center's Gala gives the gift of connection, support and rehabilitation to hundreds of people this year as they adjust to life after brain injury.

$134,707 raised

$150,000 goal


Together, we can improve lives and help ensure no one is alone after brain injury.

"Because of your kindness, it's possible for my family member to reach his highest potential and not feel alone in the world. You are appreciated more than you know!" - Shanna, family member

Despite the prevalence of brain injuries, like concussion and stroke, there are few services available to help people adjust to life after injury. Too often, survivors and their families have nowhere to turn for help once they are home from the hospital.

Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery continues to be the only non-profit in our area offering an array of supportive services to help both survivors and their family members adjust to life change after brain injury.

Your generosity in support of Schurig Center's Annual Gala helps fund critically-needed rehabilitation, brain injury education, and connection that will be accessed by over 400 people this year.

When you give to Schurig Center, you inspire renewed hope and open the door to new possibilities. You help fill gaps in care. You let people know they are valuable members of our community who deserve access to the support they need to not only survive, but thrive after brain injury. You are an innovator helping to provide life-enhancing services not offered anywhere else in our area. THANK YOU!